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Calypsoul. Old School, Island Cool.

Capturing the Caribbean Lifestyle 

At Calypsoul, we believe you should be able to capture the essence of the Caribbean wherever you go and live everyday with the feeling of a long, relaxing day on the water. Whether it is embroidered, on a hang-tag or on a label, our elements are classic, eye-catching and easily identifiable, transporting consumers into a vacation set of mind. Calypsoul allows designers to explore limitless opportunities to bring a bit of island life into everyday living, and we offer unique package solutions for clothing, fragrance, health and beauty products, furniture, and housewares.

Calypsoul is proud to add a touch of island life to resort-centered lines across the world.


Adirondack Palm


Bartlett Deep Seahorse



The parrot speaks of the ease and fun lifestyle of the Caribbean.

The Adirondack palm brings Calypsoul into the home. The simple image of this element whispers island living.

An ancient sailing legend states

that if your heart is pure,
and your voyage is just,

from the deepest part

of the Caribbean Sea,
the Bartlett Trench Seahorse

will rise and lead your

vessel and crew to prosperity,

great fortune, and safe passage.
The mere sight of a Seahorse is met with celebration and great joy to the adventuring traveler.

The Seahorse encompasses the scope of this lifestyle brand, for infinite use across all clothing lines and as art on products across the Calypsoul brand.

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